**Source : World Health Organization


In fact, a greater concentration of fat in the blood results in deposits along the arteries, which slow down blood circulation and can cause pain or other ailments. The risk of heart attack is thus multiplied by 1.5 for a person who is 10 to 30% overweight and by 2 if the person is more than 30% overweight. Moreover, people suffering from excess weight are generally those whose physical activity is reduced. Their muscle mass often proves insufficient to do its part in supporting and protecting the osteoarticular system. This can notably cause varying degrees of back pain and lower limb joint problems (osteoarthritis).


The exercises practiced on HUBER 360® EVOLUTION help to improve mobility, strength, balance, and resistance of overweight people. This fun comprehensive care enables them to gradually start moving again and to rediscover the joy of exercising. Moreover, the brain is the body’s greatest consumer of glucose. By combining muscular and cerebral work, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION helps to burn a lot more calories than traditional workouts, while reducing the heart rate. In addition to limiting cardiovascular risks, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION relieves lower back pain by strengthening core spinal muscles.


By stimulating natural lipolysis, the medical endermologie® technique breaks down fat, especially the most resistant kinds of fat – gluteofemoral fat in women and abdominal fat in men. Simultaneously, thanks to specific maneuvers, this treatment tones the skin loosened by weight loss and stimulates circulation to prevent venous disorders and to release back tension.


When your BMI is over 35/40, the patient is then said to be severely obese and then morbidly obese, and few effective solutions exist apart from surgery. The patient thus begins a long process. Physiotherapists play a vital role in the obesity care chain. They participate in preparing the patient so as to evaluate physical capabilities and to treat pathological conditions related to excess weight. Then, before and after the operation, they assist with weight loss, help the patient to readjust to exercising, and even treat scars and sagging skin, which are unfortunately unavoidable during the weight loss period before reconstructive surgery.


Before the operation, the exercises performed on HUBER® 360 EVOLUTION use the entire body in order to mobilize joints and strengthen muscular chains.

After the operation, thanks to integrated force sensors and the platform’s variety of movements, HUBER® 360 EVOLUTION helps the patient not only to resume a physical activity tailored to their abilities while increasing resistance, but it also helps patients to lose body fat, so they can regain their independence.



Before the operation, the medical endermologie® technique prepares the tissue in order to maximize the surgery’s results. The Alliance treatment head’s mechanical stimulation activates circulatory exchanges in order to prevent the appearance of edema, to relieve tensions, and to lessen reduce stiffness.

After the operation, this treatment naturally promotes scarring by making tissue supple and elastic, limits the risk of fibrosis, and helps to redefine contours by eliminating fat and sagging skin.