For 30 years, LPG has been developing patented technologies to optimize the performance of both ordinary sportsmen and athletes of the highest level. Adopted by many champions, the benefits of LPG techniques have also been proven by reputable scientific studies. With HUBER® and CELLU M6®, it is possible to significantly optimize performance, speed up muscle recovery, and reduce healing time after an injury.



4x100m Freestyle Relay Silver Medal, 2008 Beijing Olympics
Silver Medal, Long Course World Championship
Short Course World Champion
European Long Course Champion
European Short Course Champion
French Champion

« HUBER® has become an essential part of my physical conditioning. The training is fun and precise thanks to the real-time feedback. I am getting faster while expending less energy, clearly thanks to the core strength I’ve built up on the device. »


Long Course World Champion
Silver Medal, Short Course World Championship
European Long Course Champion
French Champion

« HUBER® enriched my training. Thanks to this device, the body is engaged as if it were in water. Your limbs are moving and gaining strength along your back. You can target muscles, as well as the kind of exercise you want to work on, like strengthening, stretching, etc. HUBER® is a complete package. »



50m Freestyle Olympic Champion, 2012 London Olympics
Long Course World Champion
Short Course World Champion
European Long Course Champion
European Short Course Champion
French Champion

« Core strength is essential in my sport, because it allows me to blend efficiency and power while swimming. I had this realization in 2011, and I began to work on it three times a week. Huber is perfect for this training: The up-down instability created by the movement of the platform leads to an active engagement of my abdominal muscles, and helps to move the shoulders and hips independently. »


Ranked as one of the greatest soccer players of all time (Pelé and FIFA rankings). France’s favorite athlete in 2006. World player of the year 1998, 2000, 2003 (FIFA).

« I’ve used LPG techniques a lot throughout my career, especially at Real Madrid, and when it came to the Z5 project, collaboration with LPG was the clear choice. »


Versatile striker with Real Madrid since 2009. Captain and top scorer in the history of Portugal.

« A few days ago, Cristiano Ronaldo announced in the Spanish press that he regularly uses Cellu M6 (…) For the last few weeks, Cristiano Ronaldo has been off the field due to an injury. He therefore has medical reasons to use the palpate roll technique provided by the device developed by LPG Systems over 20 years ago. The original therapeutic purpose of this device was to reduce muscular adhesions. Regular CELLU M6® sessions should allow the Madrid player to not sit on the bench for too long. Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only one to have used it. In France, several football and rugby clubs (Biarritz Olympique, Stade Toulousain, Stade Français and Montpellier) and swimming clubs (Marseilles Cercle des Nageurs) use this technology to prepare the body before strenuous effort, or to speed recovery. In this particular case, the device supports muscular drainage to eliminate all toxins and lactates (commonly called lactic acids). Finally, the CELLU M6® technique is also a good way to speed up the healing process after a muscular injury (muscle tension, edemas, fibrosis, inflammation and pain). We will soon be able to judge its effectiveness on the field.



The youngest ever IndyCar race winner (2006).

« The most important quality you need to win a car race is to have very good reflexes. When you’re going 360 km/h at the Indianapolis 500, you can either become a hero or injure yourself seriously in just a couple of seconds. HUBER® really helped me to speed up my reaction time. On a physical level, I was able to improve my stamina thanks to the specific sport protocols. After a terrible car accident in 2009 at the IndyCar, I spent five long months in a wheelchair: I had two broken legs and my left foot was completely rebuilt. Thanks to HUBER® oscillating platform, my foot was soon able to support my weight, even before I was able to walk again. Being able to move my foot and legs allowed me to significantly reduce my healing time. »


1997 World Snowboarding Champion.

« Neuro Physical Training™ is the ideal way to prepare for winter sports. The HUBER® 360 exercises allow you to move as if you were on snow, whether you’re an amateur or pro snowboarder. It’s amazing all the things you can do with this device, it’s even possible to get the same feeling as being on powder and to work on improving your balance before a jump while moving the target on the platform. The resistance exercises are so intense that you know right away if you’re in good enough shape to go snowboarding. I’m not even sure if Shaun White* could get a coordination score over 70 on the most difficult setting…I really think all snowboarders should try it! »


Stade Français (1998-2015) and French National Team player (2004).


Stade Français and French National Team player.


Stade Français and Argentine National Team player.


Stade Français Rugby Team Masseur and Physiotherapist.

« We’re lucky to have access to the HUBER® technology. Since we got one at the training center, I’ve been using it a lot! Rehabilitation, muscular strengthening, stretching… What’s really impressive about this device is the way the user is put into context, the way they relearn athletic movements, which allows us to work in a way that really mimics the conditions of a match. »


Exercise Physiology Researcher, ESP Consulting.

« Training on HUBER® not only improves your economy of movement by reducing your heart rate by 10 bpm and energy consumption during exercise, it also changes your body composition by burning fat and creating muscle mass. »


Manager and Coach, French National Team and Marseilles’ Cercle des Nageurs.

« With HUBER® MOTION LAB, the body is solicited as if it were in water. Your limbs are moving and gaining strength along your back. The accessories and the precision of the new targets enhance swimmers’ training. »


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