In addition to these main symptoms, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases increases, and bones become more fragile, potentially developing osteoporosis. In addition, the skin becomes increasingly saggier, muscle mass diminishes (sarcopenia), and fat accumulates.

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HUBER 360®EVOLUTION helps to fight muscle atrophy through specific, tailored exercises. Indeed, by mobilizing the joints and strengthening the muscles safely, HUBER 360®EVOLUTION enables you to intelligently improve your strength and thus to gain muscle mass. Furthermore, balance games will help you to support yourself and to become more confident in your movements all while correcting your posture with target games that appear on the screen. Beyond these results, HUBER 360® EVOLUTION is also the ideal tool for you to use to quickly lose body fat (thanks to dynamic resistance training exercises) and to thus feel better about your body.


Medical endermologie® helps to diminish certain effects of menopause. The stimulation delivered on the skin surface by the new Alliance treatment head wakes up the slimming cells (adipocytes) so as to release stubborn, localized fat and reduce the orange-peel skin effect. Simultaneously, medical endermologie® tones the skin by activating the natural synthesis of collagen and elastin and reactivates circulatory exchanges to relieve heavy leg and water retention symptoms.