Relaxing shaping dry oil

Day & night fat burning action
Activation of microcirculation
Relaxing and well-being effect

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A unique complex of active ingredients made of pure oil extracted from pink pepper seeds with powerful lipolytic properties. It helps to efficiently eliminate fat deposits on the entire body. It is combined with Coralline G®, a marine vegetal extract and an intelligent active ingredient, which adapts to the biorhythm of our fat cells to track them down. By night, it inhibits lipogenesis (fat storage) and the formation of new mature adipocytes, and stimulates collagen synthesis. During the day, it promotes lipolysis. In addition, an arctic root extract with relaxing and stress-relieving properties, provides a well-being sensation when applied to the skin.


Silky and non-greasy dry oil that penetrates the skin quickly leaving the skin soft and hydrated. Sensual summery scent.


12.5% Relaxing Slimming Complex.

Paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free.

150 ml tube.


Apply morning and evening to targeted areas (arms, hips, stomach, buttocks, thighs) to enhance the skin and refine body contours.

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